I am back!

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I have a dream

A dream to earn a living. To earn money. To take care of my family. To have the freedom to travel, buy things, and to make this world a smaller place to reach out to loved ones. I want to work for money. I want to be financially independent. I want to help those in need. I want to support my family, my parents, brother and sister, in all times. I want to conquer living in this world successfully. I want a source of living and earn money.


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The sky and beyond – Part II

I wanted to be an aeronautical engineer. For which I did write an exam, AIEEE, and also got a seat in NIT Kurukhshetra. However, I could not afford to join. So that was the end of that story. I ended up joining, BSc. Maths, Physics, Chemistry.

Prabhakar Sir made me a dreamer. Because of him, I discovered my abilities, my super academic side, and that I was such a good human being. I was in a totally different zone, a zone of self trust.

So, this is my tribute to Prabhakar Sir, who is such an important and inspirational chapter of my life.

Thank you Sir!

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The sky and beyond – Part 1

When I was in my 9th standard, I joined tuition, and little did I know my life was about get transformed. I do not know but I have always made friends with my teachers as much as I did with my fellow classmates.

Prabhakar Sir

This was the name, which was very famous in Vizag. He was known as an excellent tutor. He had given great students and achievers. Both husband and wife were in academics. Ma’am taught primary school students and Sir, secondary, mainly starting from 9th standard.

Everybody said, that, school teachers will not be enough when it comes to standards starting from 9th. I also joined. And it came as no surprise. He was an excellent tutor. The way he explained, straight found a forever space in the understanding of mind. He taught subjects with so much fun, and always related them to real life. His classes were never boring. Even the most boring topic he made so interesting. He was very professional, at the same time, he was such a good human being that, whatever he did, or taught, it reflected in his personality. He also befriended us, but exactly knew how to balance, studies and fun.

I used to look forward to classes, and never wanted to miss a day. Like he was my God, and I was the disciple, getting the nectar of knowledge. When he taught, knowledge felt so pure and divine, it felt, so smooth and worth. Books became my friend, and they started smelling of a bright future. I could see my future in those pages of the books. Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, ahhh! I loved them all. Physics particularly was so interesting. I started dreaming. He made me a dreamer. I started looking up to the sky, and the limitless horizons. Physics gave me knowledge of space and time, sky and life beyond. It opened up my vision to the unseen.

It connected me to the higher world and to the higher purpose. I used to look at sky everyday, and also in the night, and dream of a brighter future. I wanted to be an aeronautical engineer.

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Short story month

I know it is a bit late, as it is already 8th of Feb today, however, I want to dedicate this month as the short story month. Everyday I will write a short story. Sometimes in parts, but everyday I will post one. So let us begin!

Story number one

Home Science

I must have been in my 8th standard. I was a very enthusiastic girl. I always wanted to take part in activities, sports and what not! I was dreaming of joining NCC, National Cadet Corporation, as my father is in Indian Navy, and like him, I also wanted to be in Indian Navy. I used to watch programs like ‘Arohan’ and I was always very inspired and motivated. Sometimes I even used to act as if I am an Indian Naval officer.

But by the time I applied for the seat, the batch was full, so I could not get a place in NCC. Okay, as I do not give up, I looked for scouts and guides. After all they can also train me to be the person I want to be. Unfortunately, no place in that as well. Then, there was something called as, RSP, Road Safety Police. There were a few places in it. I did not want to lose an opportunity to learn something new, and to lead a disciplined life, thus, I joined it.


It had all kinds of activities, and social responsibilities. To teach us the lesson to be a good a citizen, there was a certain kind of activity assigned to me. Now that I look back, it was a unique opportunity.

I was paired with one of my classmates. She and I were assigned to provide assistance to an old faculty.

Waugh Ma’am – Life changing

Waugh ma’am, yes, she was a milestone in my life. When we joined our duty, we were told, as the madam is very old, and is going to retire soon, you both will need to assist her, and help her. Waugh ma’am was suffering from fading vision, as she was old and ageing. Though she could see, but not as sharp as young breed.

Now we were aware of our responsibilities.

Waugh ma’am was head of department of Home Science. We used to spend our assigned hour of RSP in the home science laboratory. A new world opened to me.

I used to see, all beautiful, young, senior girls, learning the science of home management. It was a unique subject. They made from jellies to jams, to proper Indian meals to everything that one can imagine.

I am blessed to have a very good upbringing, and a very accepting and pure heart. I think I am also very compassionate and understanding. All these qualities in me brought me close to my ma’am. Yes she became my ma’am. She started enjoying my company. I was eager and curious to learn. In her spare time she taught me a few things. I still remember the touch of her old, soft hand, which I held every time when I took her to washroom or dropped her downstairs when her car came to pick her up.

Once there was a class test, and as teacher was not that vigilant, everybody discussed and wrote their test. I being naive, thought it was fun. When RSP hour came, and I was assigned again to the home science lab, I shared, and narrated the whole incident to my ma’am.

She told me, ‘Beta, it is not right’. This is called cheating. Guess what, I did not know it was called cheating. She said, in an exam you should always be honest. Write what you know, and do not be scared of results. When you cheat, you miss a chance to learn, you miss an opportunity to know how good or bad you can be. Ultimately, you miss to be that knowledgeable person. It is nobody’s but your own loss. That kind of information which you ask and write will not do you any good. But something that you learn with interest you will always remember and apply in life.

This lesson is so well registered in my mind, after that I never cheated in an exam. I valued what I learnt, and discovered my own strengths and weaknesses. It was a beautiful time of my life, with my ma’am.

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3 a.m.

I normally wake up at 3 a.m. in the morning. At the Godly hour. I love this time of the day.  This stage of my life is bringing a lot of inner strength. I feel very confident and peaceful.

My baby is 11 months old, and I see him growing everyday, his milestones. Day by day his strength increases, soon he will be walking. Similarly we has humans, never stop growing, we always develop strength. In early years it is more of physical strength, but as fully gain the physical potential, we start to strengthen mental strength. We learn to deal with situations and overcome them.

With this note, a very good morning from this side of the world.

To be continued..

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Recently I have been really awestruck by Sudha Murthy. I just came across her on internet, and watched her videos on loop, and really connected with her. Getting to know a little from the internet, I bought a book written by her, called, ‘House of cards’. I have read quite a few pages, and I am taken to the beautiful state of Karnataka, and the thinking, I so relate to and connect to. It reminds of India, HOME.

More on her on coming days…

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